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So What’s Marcus Been Working On….?

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…a new novel. A new business. A new life.

Here’s an excerpt from THE SWORD OF MICHAEL, coming from Baen Books (Simon & Schuster) in November 2014:


My name is Marius Winter. I am a shamanic practitioner. A shaman, though by tradition I can never refer to myself that way. Shaman is a title bestowed by the community I serve. That title is earned through serving the community in the shaman’s roles: ceremonialist, artist, storyteller, healer, warrior, leader and keeper of knowledge. These roles are not sharply defined like a job title in the Middle World. In the shamanic world roles are blurred, defined by Spirit, and there are many shades of gray in the spectrum between the Dark and the Light.

Sometimes, depending on what Spirit brings to your door, some or all of those roles might merge. For instance, a healer may be called upon to be a warrior to provide the service of protecting his community from the attack of dark forces. This is the most dangerous and challenging shamanic work of all.


What some call exorcism.

For a reason known only to the Great Spirit, this is the work that comes to me.

In partnership with the healing spirits, my job is to remove the lost souls of dead humans, spirits, entities, demons and extra-terrestrials from those who come to me seeking help. To send those possessing spirits back to where they came from and to be a channel for the healing of those who’d been infested by those forces.

I call myself a depossessionist.


And here’s what one of the greatest genre writers of the 20th and 21st century said about it:

“I’m glad to welcome Marcus Wynne back to the author’s fold. His own personal journey through Hell and hardship has been transformed into a gripping, action-filled urban fantasy about a man’s Journey to Hell to save all those he loves best in the world. A great debut in a new genre by one of the best action writers in any genre.”

David Morrell, New York Times bestselling author of Murder As A Fine Art

Coming soon in e-book and trade paperback, November 2014!


New business? Actually old business in a new structure. More about that soon….

New life? Absolutely…and I’m grateful to all those who have helped me do that.

Stay tuned…

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April 8, 2014 at 12:42 am

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Raise A Glass Tonight to Adam Brown…

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A friend reminded me of this tonight…read FEARLESS. And raise a glass to all our fallen. God rest them and keep them; they sit at the table with the Warrior Angels.

Fearless: The Undaunted Courage and Ultimate Sacrifice of Navy SEAL Team SIX Operator Adam Brown

Fearless: The Undaunted Courage and Ultimate Sacrifice of Navy SEAL Team SIX Operator Adam Brown

Buy from Amazon

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March 18, 2014 at 1:32 am

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Another Video, This Time On The OODA Loop

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January 26, 2014 at 12:51 pm

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The Very First Professionally Produced Neural-Based Training Video

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This is the first cut of the “Neural-Based Training” training video directed by top training professional Ralph Mroz and his company The Firefighters Support Foundation. For many years I’ve resisted doing training videos around the mental aspects/accelerated learning/stress inoculation work I’ve been doing. Why? I was very skeptical about the ability to translate those concepts into film. Ralph convinced me it was worth a shot (and he paid me, too, LOL!)

This is the first pass — it’s still rough, but the polished final edition will be available for free on Ralph’s site later this year. PLEASE do not scrape or repost the video on other sites — PLEASE HONOR Ralph’s work, expense and time and if you want to get a copy of it, the final version will be available for FREE on Ralph’s site. Feel free to link to my blog page so people can watch it here, though.

Comments and feedback solicited and appreciated!

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January 10, 2014 at 3:38 am

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My Alter-Ego’s Bio, or Dr. Hyde’s Mr. Jekyll…

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My good friend Ralph Mroz just sent me the rough cut of the first training video I’ve done on neural-based training. This particular training is in the context of retaining critical skills under stress for fire-fighters. I may be doing one in the future focused more on law enforcement.

As part of the process, I was asked to do a brief bio. Most of the three of you who follow this blog know my writing bio, and I’ve detailed at some length the history of the mental training material. But I like this bio! So here it is:

Marcus Wynne is the world’s foremost training designer for high-stress occupations. He introduced John Boyd’s OODA loop to the law enforcement community, brought neuro-linguistic-programming into military combatives, and evolved a cutting edge training protocol that embeds stress inoculation within the context of accelerated learning. He is a military veteran of the US Army’s 82d Airborne and a federal law enforcement veteran who served with the Federal Air Marshal Program. He’s taught at FLETC and hundreds of law enforcement and military academies; his work has been adopted at the national level in South Africa, Sweden, and Norway. He continues his research in consultation with DARPA, NASA, Naval Research and other cutting edge military research institutions here and abroad. He’s honored to share his work here with you.

And then there’s my thriller-novelist bio:

Marcus Wynne is a charter member of the Been There, Done That Club. He’s got all the T-shirts and knows all the secret handshakes. He enjoys poetry, ballet, knife fighting, and serial monogamy with fierce feminists. He is the author of NO OTHER OPTION, WARRIOR IN THE SHADOWS, BROTHERS IN ARMS, WITH A VENGEANCE, JOHNNY WYLDE, AIR MARSHALS, LOVELADY and, most recently, TOO WYLDE. He manages, with more than a little help from his friends, to eke out a living in this silly business.

So there’s the official bio for at least two of those pesky multiple personalities…yeah?

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January 9, 2014 at 9:04 pm

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Random Thoughts on the Writer’s Process, or meet The Achy Man…

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In between marathon revision on my own almost-due manuscript, I’ve dipped into the DARK TOWER series by Stephen King. I’m astonished that I missed this when it came out and I’m making up for lost time now. King recounts in the foreword to THE GUNSLINGER how he woke from a dream with a disturbing refrain that later became Roland’s beachside encounter with the Lobster Things.

I’ve had a similar series of dreams.

My dearly appreciated fans often tell me how they LOVE my bad guys: Jonny Maxwell, Alfie, Johnny Wylde and his crew, the Faceless Man His Own Self, Mr. Smith aka Hank…there’s an interview on my friend Lance Storm’s (the WWE great) website http://www.stormwrestling.com/bookmarks/warrior.html about evil, villains and story-telling that I wrote for his Book Club’s about WARRIOR IN THE SHADOWS.

My recent dreams are about an evil character I call the Achy Man: bent and twisted with chronic pain and hatred, the patriarch of a clan that makes GAME OF THRONES look like THE SOUND OF MUSIC. Like Stephen King’s strange refrain that birthed THE DARK TOWER, mine started with a non-sensical riff on that old nursery rhyme: Lady Bug, Lady Bug, fly away home, your house is on fire and your children’s alone…

But instead I got these, a long series that I woke up and wrote down:

Achy Man, Achy Man, fly away home,
Your life is on fire, your children’s alone —

Achy Man, Achy Man, fly away home,
Your sons are all cowards, throw ‘em a bone —

Achy Man, Achy Man, fly away home,
Your friends are all laughing, that’s why you’re alone —

Achy Man, Achy Man, fly away home,
The Country Club dissed you, you’re a no-fly zone —

Achy Man, Achy Man, fly away home,
Your PI done lied to you and left you alone —

Achy Man, Achy Man, fly away home,
Your car needs polishing, are you getting stoned?

Achy Man, Achy Man, fly away home,
Fox News gots your picture and your friends’s picture too —

Achy Man, Achy Man, fly away home,
There’s a Federal indictment in your time zone —

Achy Man, Achy Man, fly away home,
I’ll be there next week — maybe I’ll leave you alone —

Achy Man, Achy Man, fly away home,
I’ll be there next week, all old and alone,

Achy Man, Achy Man, fly away home,
Maybe I can help you? For a significant loan —

Achy Man, Achy Man, fly away home,
Threaten a child and I’ll burn down your home —

Achy Man, Achy Man, fly away home,
There’s some Street Crimes killing in your patrol zone —

Achy Man, Achy Man, fly away home,
Your hookers done left you and they laugh at your bone —

Seem crazy? There’s a story here, I think…like THE DARK TOWER it may connect to my previous stories and to those in the pipeline.

I thought I’d share that with you, since I rarely write about the creative writing process, being one of those writers that would rather write than write about writing. But going back and forth between projects has given me a particular perspective right now.

Among those projects: nearing the end of the revision to THE SWORD OF MICHAEL (working title, may be changed) my first urban fantasy for Baen; once that’s done, sometime next week I’m thinking, then it’s on to finish THREE’S WYLDE. I’m also working on some short fiction, some of which I’ll post here and some of which will appear in some magazines.

Thanks for staying tuned — more later!

PS: You know what’s great about the Achy Man rhymes? They make PERFECT tweets…

cheers, m

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For The Grumbling Neural-Based Crowd…

Here’s some ancient history (from 20 years ago, in the 90s) and some recent updates from a few months ago:

A collection of interviews on my work back in the 90s, collated and edited by my long time friend and collaborator Dennis Martin of CQB Services: http://www.cqbservices.com/?page_id=15

And a recent video interview (archived below somewhere as well…)

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December 10, 2013 at 4:22 pm

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