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Macon Champagne, not her real name, but a pseudonym she selected to thumb her nose at her former partners in crime, was a highly successful State’s Attorney in a midwestern state. She provided legal expertise and get out of jail free cards to a wide ranging and long standing criminal enterprise. When the Feds, led by a corruption-busting US Attorney she hated, landed on her with both feet courtesy of RICO, she rolled over, eagerly, and handed over all her criminal compatriots.

As part of her deal she got a full walk and resettlement.

Thing is, she didn’t go far, opting to hide in plain sight and be lost in the crowds in Minneapolis. With time on her hands, and a fine tuned skill set, and a pliable US Marshal minder, she starts building up a brand new criminal enterprise right under the noses of the Feds.

She reaches out to her old network and recruits some muscle heads who owe her, and imports them into her growing Minneapolis criminal enterprise. But in the way of muscle heads everywhere, they screw up and offend someone with powerful friends.

They don’t look like much. Just two middle-aged disabled Recon Marine Master Gunnery Sergeants.

Named Salt and Sanchez.


Coming in November 2020.

Written by marcuswynne

July 20, 2020 at 11:10 pm

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